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E. M. Jordan, CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach 
Ordained Minister - Counselor - Teacher - Writer - Speaker
You are individually fashioned.  There is no one quite like you in all the world.  You are the only one who can fulfill your destiny.  Deep within you is a treasure chest filled with gold and silver, and precious jewels which you will continue to discover throughout your life.  These treasures have been hidden there for just the right time and purpose to bless you and to share with others. Born in 1947, I am still discovering the treasures hidden deep within me!
You see, life is like the waves of the sea.  Sometimes, there is barely a lap to the shore.  Other times, you wonder if the debris from the storms of life will ever be cleaned up.  And every now and then, you get to "shoot the curl."  No matter where you find yourself today, there is a plan for you.  It is a plan for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 
Whether the storm has passed or you're still going through it, it is never too late for new beginnings. I have over 50 years experience assisting people through the seasons of life.  This includes the good seasons as well as the extremely difficult.  Because of my journey coaching people through the hills and valleys of life, I can assure you that CLARITY is within your reach.  
One of my greatest joys is seeing things come to fruition in people's lives.  No matter your season, whether it is full, barren, budding or dormant, I look forward to hearing from you and coaching you along life's pathway.
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Expecting good things for you, Elizabeth Marie

*He fashions their hearts individually... Psalm 33:15

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