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What is the difference between
A Counselor and A Life Coach?
Counseling deals with the past bringing healing to the present. 
Coaching is present with an eye on the future. 
Counseling provides wisdom, advice and healing where needed. 
Coaching provides vision and motivation to go forward.
Through both Coaching and Counseling,
my intention is to see you succeed,
prosper, and be in good health.
During our coaching sessions, I will be asking you questions and listening intently for what is in your heart and your mind.  I will hear things that you may not hear.  Even as you're talking, you will begin to hear things as you've never heard them before ... a light goes on and suddenly you have clarity.  It is an amazing process.
You will easily recognize the stumbling blocks in your life. You will promote and accelerate their removal.  This clears the path for you to discover the new things being created just for you!
As we continue to work together, old thinking patterns that have held you back will be revealed. Together we will say ‘no’ to the old; and ‘yes’ to the new. This process clears the way for your breakthrough.  A shift occurs and suddenly you are launched into your individually fashioned destiny!  It is an exciting time for you. The old fades away - all things become new!
List of Coaching and/or Counseling Available
Bereavement - Christian Life - Communication
Divine Purpose - Divorce/Marriage Restoration
Health & Fitness - Life - Personal Development
Recovery - Relationship - Retirement
Self-Esteem - Spiritual - Transitional
If you prefer Counseling, or a combination of both Coaching and Counseling, Elizabeth Marie is well able to provide that blend, individually fashioned just for you.  Whatever your choice, the fees are the same.
Contact us for a free half hour consultation.  Let's see if we're a "good fit" for you.  It is your time to move forward - into your individually fashioned destiny. 
Both our Coaching, and our Counseling services are based on the belief that our client's goals are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our work over the years is from referrals.
I look forward to talking with you and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.
Elizabeth Marie

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