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What others are saying about Elizabeth Marie's Coaching and/or Counseling Expertise:
"Elizabeth Marie is wonderfully open and insightful.  On the path of life, she sees the road signs and detours that have marked your journey.  She provides clarity for the road ahead.  She is loyal and trustworthy through and through!"  Cathy Pope, RN, PHN, School Nurse, Childcare Health Consultant 
"I am such a better person thanks to Elizabeth Marie. She has listened to my concerns and issues and has allowed me to grow beyond what I thought possible.  She has been able to coach me and give me better insight into my marriage and happiness." Doug Dillon, PT, GTC, CSST 
"From my personal experience, Elizabeth Marie's coaching includes mentoring and spiritual guidance.  She will coach you in such a way that you will take control of your life, and overcome obstacles and challenges, to create the life of your dreams." R. Wilson, Paralegal, CA 
At the end of every session I’ve had with Elizabeth Marie I’ve left feeling listened to, understood and encouraged. Elizabeth Marie has a gift for turning any negative into a positive and has demonstrated, in her own life, the principle that any obstacle can be overcome. Her diverse experiences and natural intuitiveness give her the ability to connect at a heart level with all kinds of people. I hold her in high regard as a woman of character and integrity, and have benefited from her wisdom on many occasions." Kyra Goldman, Singer/Songwriter, GA  
"Elizabeth Marie is an intuitive, gifted coach. She has a deep relationship with God and a wealth of experience working with people. She asked insightful and challenging questions, always allowing me to express myself completely. Her vision statement for me was a beautiful and accurate reflection of everything I shared with her. She will be a blessing for anyone she coaches."  P. Koehler, MI  
Counseling Recommendations: 
Elizabeth Marie is one of the most compassionate and loving individuals I know.  For years, she has encouraged, inspired, and helped keep me on the path to fulfilling my destiny and purpose.  Each session I spend with her, I leave feeling like I have more clarity, courage, and the drive to take on the challenges this life sometimes brings.  With her spirit of joy and love, I leave feeling like a ton of bricks has been lifted from my shoulders.  Her insight and depth of wisdom are astonishing.  Elizabeth Marie's deep relationship with God is the key element that allows her to see and touch parts of your soul not many can. She is one who knows how to listen and also ask the kind of questions that cut straight and direct to the problem or question that may be stumbling you.  She also knows how to empower the individual she is counseling so at the end of each session YOU feel like the one who can take any mountain.  Her personality is engaging and her outlook is always positive and intelligent.  With all of this that I have personally experienced in relationship with Elizabeth Marie it is hard to believe that she is anything but highly effective in helping people focus, move forward, and improve in their life, relationships, dreams and goals.  Danielle M. Iranon, In-Home Care Aide, HI
Combo:  Coaching & Prayer Counseling
I have known Elizabeth Marie for over 8 years now, and she has always been an encouragement in my life. Recently while going through a frustrating season with work and school, I contacted her to help me get some positive direction.  I was ready to quit my job; which I could not afford to do, and I was feeling so hopeless about my future. My friends would confront me about being negative, and I realized that I needed to stop wandering around aimlessly, and do something positive for myself. Elizabeth Marie suggested that we work through the life coach sessions and I began to see an immediate change in my life.
I started to form a vision in my mind and heart for the things that I want to accomplish in life and how to become the woman I want to be. The greatest thing I have learned through this all is that I need to take care of myself.  By learning how to see myself as a valuable person with goals and gifts to offer others, I’ve gained the confidence that I am worth taking care of. I have had friends comment on the positive changes they see in me, and now I am excited and hopeful about what the future has to offer. Kristine Ferreira, College Student, Waitress, CA
A new client’s first impression:
“It is not typical for me to open up like that in a first session. However, you created a very welcoming, inclusive, encouraging and inspiring atmosphere and it really allowed me to open up. And, you are a fantastic listener. I really felt like you knew where I was coming from.  So...thank you!” 
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