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Wedding Officiant

We love weddings!  Our wedding vows are individually fashioned.  Just as no two couples are exactly alike, our wedding ceremonies are not exactly alike either.  

In order to create your individually fashioned wedding vows, we will schedule an appointment to get to know each other.  

Speaking with both of you, I will receive insight into who you are and what you prefer. We will also discuss marriage, both the joys and the challenges you will face. After meeting with you, I will then compose a ceremony that reflects your love for each other in a very special way.

The fee varies depending on the number of days; and the amount of travel.  I've had the joy of doing weddings in Monterey, known for it's beautiful beaches and ocean views; all the way up to the awesome lakes, rivers and forests of the High Sierra in Northern California.

This wedding was overlooking the Stanislaus River in the middle of January! >>>

Whether you want a fairytale wedding in a beautiful church or an intimate wedding on your back porch overlooking the forest, I will blend in with your theme.


I've even done a "biker" wedding in denim and a leather jacket! 

More than one couple has chosen to walk to the edge of a lake, a river, or down to the beach for a simple intimate ceremony.

It's all about the two of you!
We'll have a very memorable time as you step into your future together.

Premarital and marriage counseling are also a part of our service.
For your free consultation, see the "Contact" tab. 
I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your special day!

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